Hyperpigmentation Rx

Targets pigmentation and improves skin health


Dr. Jeanniton’s prescription for hyperpigmented complexions takes a corrective and preventative approach, combining True Calm, a gentle, nourishing cleanser infused with rosehip seed oil, fatty acids and vitamins; Clean Reveal, a deeply clarifying cleanser infused with 10% glycolic acid and formulated to exfoliate and brighten the complexion while diminishing signs of aging; Daily Dose a restorative, nutrient-rich vitamin C serum designed to defend against free radical damage, brighten the complexion and enhance skin’s moisture barriers; and Double Feature, an all-in-one resurfacing serum that promotes healthy cell turnover, minimizes fine lines and boosts collagen production.

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These are the four essentials I always recommend to patients in pursuit of even, bright, pigmentation-free skin. True Calm gently yet thoroughly cleanses, while the glycolic acid in Clean Reveal unglues dry, rough skin cells, revealing fresh, refined skin ready to absorb active ingredients. Daily Dose minimizes melanin formation, protects against free radicals, hydrates and replenishes, whereas Double Feature promotes cellular turnover for smoother, less congested skin.

— Dr. Jeanniton


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Hyperpigmentation Rx”

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