Super Serums


Our three most powerful serums join forces in this impactful trio: Master Plan, Daily Dose, and Double Feature. Why use all three? Because this collection helps to achieve all your major skincare goals: a clear, even complexion, tighter pores, reduced fine lines, and bright, hydrated skin.  


the epi.routine

Step 1: After cleansing and toning in the AM, apply Daily Dose to face and neck. 

Step 2: Follow with one to two pumps of Master Plan to face and neck. Can be used AM  and PM as desired.

Step 3: Every other night, apply Double Feature.  Listen to your skin and adjust use based on potential sensitivity. For PM use only.



The buzz surrounding serums is well-deserved.  Serums provide super concentrations of nourishing and resurfacing ingredients that are integral to achieving our skin goals. Our Super Serum bundle culls together the best of modern ingredient skincare science for an informed, hyper-focused approach to skincare.

— Dr. Jeanniton

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  1. Cathy Myers

    I am so in love with this trio of products! The growth factor product is new to me and goes into my skin so well. I have used other lines of vitamin C products and other retinols, but these both deliver results. Thank you Dr Jenniton and staff for making these products available. Five starts just isn’t high enough of a rating.

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