THE never get re-GIFT-ed GUIDE

THE never get re-GIFT-ed GUIDE

We’re taking the pressure out of gift giving with ideas for the main characters in your life.
It’s time!!! Mariah Carey season returns for yet another year and even if you can’t bear the thought of the holidays approaching, let us spark some joy with our  never get re-GIFT-ed GUIDE. We’re taking the pressure out of gift giving with ideas for the main characters in your life. And while the holidays may still feel far away for some, don't forget to place your orders by 12/17 to avoid dry, dehydrated skin this holiday season (nobody wants that under their tree). 

Double Feature Retinol + AHA Overnight Facial ($140)

Double Feature is an overnight facial that would make the perfect gift for the busy boss in your life. Time-release retinol and retinal plus AHAs work overtime while they sleep (let’s hope they do at some point!) to ensure gentle but effective cell turnover and collagen production. Powerful actives and skin-saving lipids combine to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. Every moment counts for this person, so give them the gift of the ultimate beauty sleep. 


Clean Reveal Brightening Glycolic + PHA Gel ($65)

Clean Reveal is the perfect gift for your favorite fitness fanatic. During sports, sweat, sebum and other impurities can build up, potentially causing congestion and clogged pores. Clean Reveal gently cleanses and exfoliates with a balanced blend of glycolic acid and gluconolactone. Vitamin B5 and aloe ensure a skin calming effect, providing the additional gift of an added cool down!


The Capsule Collection ($325)

The Capsule Collection would suit your favorite pragmatist. It features three skincare essentials that embody the notion that you can work smarter and not harder when it comes to getting maximum skincare results. An all-in-one, simple daily routine that includes a gentle, nourishing cleanser, True Calm, Master Plan growth factor super serum and a hydrating peptide rich moisturizer, The Total Package. 


The Total Package Fortifying Peptide Cream ($96)

A minimalist would absolutely appreciate our multi-tasking fortifying peptide cream. It’s named The Total Package for a reason. With a lightweight texture, this moisturizer works on multiple levels to deliver deep hydration, skin resilience and restorative repair. Designed with a biocompatible combination of skin-strengthening peptides and bioidentical collagen, it boosts elasticity to support supple, youthful skin while brightening hyperpigmentation and evening skin tone.


Prep Power Pair ($110)

While they certainly do not need to enhance their glow, the rich botanicals included in our Prep Power Pair will absolutely enhance their aura and align with their continuous search for the best ingredients to use on their holy body. This set features Even Balance, a complexion soothing and brightening toner and essence in one with a blend of aloe, cucumber and chamomile extracts to calm skin. In combination with True Calm, a gentle cleanser with plant-based actives including rosehip seed oil and prickly pear seed oil, they naturally nourish and soothe the skin, leaving skin visibly softer, more supple and hydrated.

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